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Why choose Bartoli Packaging


With over 40 years of experience we are able to offer our customers a complete service which includes development of the idea, delivery of the first mock-up and finally production. We carry products from a specification and on request we can recommend techniques and materials for a result that will not disappoint your expectations.


We have a product development department that is responsible for providing to the customer samples that are necessary for the correct evaluation of the project, that includes control of materiaIs, print quality and colours compliance, verification of dimensions and countenance.
Samples are free of charge and are available in a few days from request, excluding requests for special materials.


We carry out directly all the phases of the production cycle starting from the personalization of the paper to product delivery. The strict control of the production process allows us to have assurance of compliance and quality of our productions.


We have the best production Iines of the market, which are configured so as to cover productions of sizes ranging from 40x20 mm. up to 600x400mm, with heights from 10 to 210 mm. We are also able to produce boxes of sizes up to 650x500x250mm and we also make handicraft production of small series and special projects, thanks to the aid of in-house developed machinery. We design and manufacture machines and devices internally so as to be able to industrialize processes that otherwise should have been manual.


We offer storage and distribution services. Starting from planned orders we can arrange deliveries to the recipients according to their needs. We can manufacture your products in our boxes and take care of the various logistics activities including packaging and barcode labelling.


We produce all accessories that are necessary to complete packaging, such as thermoformed boxes, die-cut cardboards, pillows, lifting benches, shaped flocked foam, neoprene etc. On request they can be supplied already included in our boxes.

Our facilities

We have a wide  range of measures, and we already have the equipment needed to produce them. This means that for producing these measures there is no additional fee for the customer. But if you have any special project, our factory is equipped to produce necessary equipment with costs that are about half compared to those charged by our competitors.



Where we are

Uggia Via Francesca, 667
51030 • Cintolese
Monsummano Terme • Pistoia
Tel: +039 0572.62486 / 617600
Fax: +039 0572 62250