Our Approach


e believe in the creation of a safe and comfortable working space for our employees.
We are all on the same team.
We are reliable because we are in constant upgrade, to remain coherent with what has always been our distinctive quality standards.
Work as in constant research, brought forth by passion.
ur vision, mission and goals are constantly reminded to us by every single member of our team, whom in turn ensure that everyone in our company is faithful to these convictions.

Like the most trustworthy tailors we design and construct any typology of packaging for your product, fully functional for sale and use for the Client”





Our constant upgrading, be it our machinery, our process or the preparation of our staff, qualifies as a winning partner for your business.


The ability to make modification to our existing machinery or entirely building a new one to meet new specifications makes Bartoli unique in its production capability. Our work is therefore unique and unrepeatable.


Multiple controls by our extremely qualified teams at every stage of production ensures maximum quality and no problems.
Therefore no problem, only timely solutions to guarantee the highest quality.


It hs been 70 years since Mr. Vezio, tireless worker, started Bartoli. oday his daughter Cinzia, together with her husband Roberto, keep faithful to his mission: “Awe the client” with joy.


Thanks to the automated and optimized production system, Bartoli can provide assistance on any kind of project.


Results are very clear in our close bonds with our clients!


From small quality samples to sector leader



Bartoli Packaging was born as a handcraft shop started by Vezio Bartoli and his family in 1955.

The experience started with the production of baskets made with intertwined strips of chestnut wood. Completely hand-made production with no chemical treatment. A handcraft activity that gave value to the product thanks to the careful choice of prime material and masterly weaving skills.

This type of work embellished the product, thanks to the careful choice of raw material and the skilful work of weaving.

The Turning Point

Following the rapid development of the footwear industry in Monsummano Terme, Bartoli begins with the box production, at first a completely manual craft, later making use of rapidly developing machinery.

In a short while the business gathers enough numbers to start production in greater scale, keeping the product quality and winning the trust of a growing number of clients.

Continuous Specialization

Meeting the growing demand, the business was also directed to smaller boxes of increasing quality, projecting itself into personalized packaging.

More investments in new technology and the winning choices of the leading team put the business in the direction of progressive expansion.


After the completion of our machine park, constantly updated with the latest innovations in production, we will shortly start construction on a new warehouse that will support our logistic needs and will satisfy requests for new packaging work on behalf of third parties. By the end of 2012 we will begin testing a new project with advanced technological content that will revolutionize our very sector.


Our relationships with the most important clients have, with time, evolved. From suppliers to full partnership: fully connected, we test products and new materials to verify their eligibility.

Bartoli is currently FSC certified, which speaks to our awareness in environmental matters. We use almost exclusively materials coming from a sustainable source, and 99% of our waste is fully recycled.

Since our beginnings our productions have been completely Made in Italy.

We can help you realize your project!