Project Description

Following is a series of products by field of intervention.

The world of luxury in which Bartoli Packaging lives protects its copyrights with precise and rigidly applied laws. It follows that although the bond with its customers is solid, many of them prefer to protect the secret that covers the presence of productions at their suppliers with additional screens.

What we report in our portfolio is a partial list of products and achievements for the reason above.


In this sector, the production is aimed at those clients that seek to “protect” their products – which may often change their features and organoleptic proprieties with exposition to light – and enrich them with a packaging that enhances the appeal and is comfortable and efficient to both transport and safeguard them. The box can be customized on request of the client, augmenting its exclusivity by working with different materials rather than printing, embossing, UV coating, painting or one of the many special finishings we realize.


We have an impressive range of paperboard items and airline models both in size and in capacity. hanks to the reduced sizes, the production cost is also lowered, offering endless possibilities of customization. The numerous finishes and finishing techniques proposed allow us to produce a qualitative packaging that enhances the product and its brand identity.


There are projects that, more for formal research rather than a technical solution, are developed within a sector that we call “special production”. Special because they are created through unique technical solutions that make the packaging highly distinctive and exclusive. They are the type of challenges that we are most passionate about because we like to win … “in production” using manual skills as little as possible. In fact, through adjustments to our machines, we are often able to create a production at controlled cost.


Perfume packaging – and luxury items in general – is developed through attentive material research and strict design selection, often coming from famous designers.

The case remains the most used secondary packaging, absolutely necessary for the communication system of many high-end products. The type of communication realized over the cases for Fragrances and Cosmetics represents the first approach towards the properties of the product, and therefore a vehicle of communication with the final consumer, of great strategic importance.


The folding case that helps the environment, as it is completely recyclable.

Whether this is a rigid support or a paper shopper, these products are easily reusable in everyday life despite their original use and this type of advertising is considered to be of particular efficiency.


Thin rectangular bars divided into smaller modules to break comfortably: this is the typical shape of chocolate bars. Equally typical is the shape of chocolate packaging, simple linear cases with different graphics.

Generally, chocolate producers prefer this type of box because of the ease of assembly and packaging of the product.

In addition, even bakery products, which sometimes have considerable sizes, share the same features with chocolate packaging, namely the excellent rigidity of the support in order to give protection to the content and the wide possibility of customization through surface finishes.


The packaging for leather goods and footwear represents an element of identification and positioning of the brand and product.
Bartoli Packaging works in symbiosis with the major manufacturers to create the most refined packaging for this particular sector.
Product customization, constantly state-of-the-art solution development, materials research, price competitiveness, quality control, Customer support and punctual logistics service in the entire world are the main features of this production sector.


The creation of cases for the fashion accessories sector is a field of application in which the exclusive technologies, born and grown in the company, find wide and winning application.

Bartoli Packaging offers a vast range of materials, flexibility, quantity and product quality. Competitive prices and faster deliveries make our company the industry leader.