To keep quality, keeping everything under control is priority.

All production steps are developed inside from paper personalization to warehouse stocking.

Inside our facility are kept all steps of realization: die cutting, thermoforming, coating and processing of fabrics, special processes, hot printing and ennobling.

The know-how of Bartoli Packaging represents the base for excellent quality, recognizable in our every product.

Our production is extremely versatile.

The ability to solve every problem or demand our client may have also shows our ability to change shape and format of production over time. This we do constantly.


Our professionalism and experience are the base of our relationship with our clients.

The knowhow, shaped by years of research and development, allows us to propose packaging solutions fitting for every project.

In our technical office – guided by an experienced and close-knit team – new solutions are constantly studied.

This technical office has an important task in Bartoli Packaging: from the ideas in this sector, new products and even new advanced machinery take form.

In fact, often the production process hampers the creative side, and that is where our mechanics get to work to create innovative and creative solutions, which represent one of the reasons why Bartoli products distinguish themselves.


Every idea takes shape!

In order to make a project worth pursuing, from both a technical and economic perspective, the ability of expert hands and specific machinery becomes necessity.

Only after this step has been properly refined can we proceed to the production phase.

If it meets expectations, various controls from materials to print compliance, colours, measurement verification rather than containment, the prototype represents the start of production.

Samples are free and available only a few days after request, unless the material required is difficult to obtain.


We are equipped with the best production lines on the market so to cover production formats from 40×20 mm to 600×400 mm, with a height going from 10 to 210 mm.

With our internally built machines, we can cover sizes up to 650x500x250 mm, as well as small handcrafted works.

In order to maintain acceptable costs, we look to automatize any productive process, designing and building machines internally and devices that mechanize otherwise manual processes.


We have a vast catalogue of product sizes for which our machines are already set.

For these sizes there is no implant cost and can be used without incurring in high expenses.

If for any reason it is not possible to use our already made implants, our workshop is equipped with all the necessary materials to build them at half the cost you may find elsewhere.


The latest expansion of the production area has allowed us to provide a new service: stocking.

All our clients can make use of this area, where the products are precisely distributed so to be ready for shipping at any moment.

We ship nationally and internationally, taking care of custom and Intrastat practices when required.

All expeditions can be by postal or express services, with the possibility of requesting the tracking of goods.

We ship all over the world by truck, plane, swap bodies or railway.

We produce any type of packaging


We offer the best quality and the best service

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